Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster Debuts

IGN says

We have two brand new exclusive one-sheets for you from the upcoming film adaptation of the best-selling horror mashup, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Fox film stars Benjamin Walker as an Honest Abe opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as Mary Todd Lincoln), Alan Tudyk, Anthony Mackie and Dominic Cooper.

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Crazay2619d ago

I like the look of this but all the issues during production make me a little uneasy on this one.

alycakes2618d ago

I'm looking forward to this one....I didn't know they were having any kind of problems...had not seen anything on this movie in a while so just thought everything was okay.

aDDicteD2618d ago

haven't read much about this movie yet,, but those debut poster were nice

Lord_Sloth2617d ago

We sold the book at Kroger for a while. Never did read it though. I opted for infinity instead.

DarkBlood2617d ago

so this is about lincoln being a vampire hunter or something?

JL2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Yes, it's historical fiction. Basically it says that Lincoln's mom got killed by a vampire. Thus, he set out on a mission to kill all the vampires.

The "historical" part comes in in that it follows how he starts a war against slavery and all that real-life stuff. Except here it explains that his real motive was that slaves were feeding grounds for vampires, thus he wanted to abolish slavery so as to get rid of the vampires' food supply.

Crazay2617d ago

Ya - What he said. =P

DarkBlood2617d ago

ah ic interesting twist take on it lol lets hope that wasnt the real reason for freeing slaves just for a self reason :P jks

anyways your small description has sold me on a ticket to see the movie whenever it comes out