The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign Continues with Bane T-Shirt and Cylinder Map

Collider - As we continue towards the release of The Dark Knight Rises, the film’s viral campaign soldiers onward. After letting fans know where they could go to see the six-minute prologue (answer: anywhere but Georgia), various websites have received a cylinder with a map on it with a Bane t-shirt inside the cylinder. When I first saw the t-shirt, I cracked up. Apparently, Bane’s goals are to take over Gotham, bring down Batman, and make some money from CafePress on the side. The map of Gotham City is more interesting. It contains five “strike zones”, but this isn’t a real-world Alternate Reality Game hunt since—and I hate to be the one to tell you this—Gotham City is fictional.

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Blink_442622d ago

I want one of those shirts

StarWarsFan2622d ago

"Fire Rises": that's deep.

pomoluese2622d ago

Looks like the classic Cylons.