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'American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy Warns Finale Contains 'The Most Shocking Scene We've Ever Done'

WARNING Spoilers

EW -

The FX hit has been building to Vivien (Connie Britton) finally giving birth and, boy, did that NOT disappoint. “Birth” was arguably AHS‘ most intense hour to date, and marked the death of Vivien Harmon. It also showcased a delicious bitch fight between Constance (Jessica Lange) and Chad (Zachary Quinto), as well as the demise of the love affair between Tate (Evan Peters) and Violet (Taissa Farmiga). Plus we saw the infantata again…really close up!!! With only Dec. 21′s season finale left, EW talked to Ryan Murphy about the emotionally draining hour.

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pomoluese3207d ago

Oh God why did I read that intro paragraph when I haven't started watching this show yet D: