LRA: Outrage - Digital Download Review

LRA writes: We have sung the praises of the independent studio Magnet to near obsessiveness on The LRA Show but I have never really talked much about this fantastic gem of a studio in one of my written reviews. Whomever is responsible for acquiring the films they release deserves a raise because they just can't make a mistake when it comes to releasing cutting edge, entertaining and unique films that otherwise would probably never see the light of day (in the United States anyways). Outrage continues the fine tradition of the studio that brought you Rubber and 13 Assassins and Hobo with a Shotgun and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil get the point. I went into Outrage with a blank slate, knowing only it had something to do with the Yakuza and that it starred legendary filmmaker and actor Takeshi Kitano who also wrote and directed the film. What I got was a tightly directed, acted and slightly absurd piece of action/thriller greatness that left me in awe when it was all over.

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