LRA: The Descendants - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: "From the director of Sideways",...that is how they are selling this movie. Who are they advertising this to? I know it isn't the general public since most if not all common moviegoers could care less who made Sideways or even recall what movie that is. This movie is tailor made for critics and award show voters plain and simple. Have you ever heard the term 'Oscar Bait' before? That is what this movie is. It has all the pieces needed to stand out to those select few who decide what the best film of the year is. I find myself highly conflicted and unusually annoyed by The Descendants. It is a well made, well acted and generally a well meaning movie that in actuality does absolutely nothing wrong other than doing everything needed to win awards. I do have a few issues with the film but nothing damning enough for me to condemn it. Be prepared because for once I have no idea where this review will go.

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StarWarsFan2617d ago

C+? I guess it's no Sideways.

aDDicteD2616d ago

nice review,, even if it only gets a C+ i'll try to rent this one someday