Paramount Unveils New Logo for 100th Anniversary

The Collider:
I love studio logos. After the lights go down and the crowd goes silent, the logo is the first official sign the movie experience is about to begin. I have an especially strong connection with the Paramount logo. Whenever those stars swoop in and encircle the picturesque mountain, I hear the opening theme of The Godfather. I can’t find the video, but those iconic horns sound right as the first star settles in at the side of the mountain. So I am excited that Paramount is celebrating their 100th anniversary by an updating the logo. It is mostly the same, but somehow even more picturesque, if you can imagine that.

The logo will first be seen on the December 16 IMAX release of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Hit the jump to see the new logo in full, plus a look at how the logo has evolved over the years.

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StarWarsFan2619d ago

The changes aren't striking, but they're good.

aDDicteD2619d ago

nice,, happy 100th anniversary to paramount

MinimeJer052619d ago

Noticed this while watching M:I. I like how the color is more classical like the 90's logo, but it's still clear and detailed like the most recent logo!

alycakes2618d ago

Yes, it's so interesting how they have changed. You really don't notice until you look at them one at a time like this. It always been one of my favorite logos.