First Teaser Trailer & New Poster For The Expendables 2 Hit

CBM says

Check out the first brief trailer for Sylvester Stallone's geri-actioner (like that?), which stars a whole host of old school action stars as well as some new blood. There is also a nifty new poster..

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Crazay3213d ago

I can't wait to see this. Looks to me like Sly is mourning the loss of someone when Bruce comes into the room. Could the rumors of Mickey's character being killed be true?

DarkBlood3213d ago

was he in jail or something?

because that what looked like to me from the dialog im sure i heard correctly but then again im hard of hearing so alot of things escape me lol if only they had some theatre rooms with captions

anyways just from this trailer alone it looks to be totally awsome and bit more story driven then the first

aDDicteD3213d ago

very nice ^_^
looking forward on this one as well