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'Thor 2' Star Natalie Portman Furious Over Director Patty Jenkins' Firing

THR says

The actress is said to be deeply unhappy with Marvel over Jenkins' dismissal but is contractually obligated to stay with the project.

The success of Marvel Studios has allowed it to operate by its own rules, so perhaps it’s not surprising that its top executives neither knew nor cared that dropping Patty Jenkins as director of its Thor sequel would shock Hollywood. But perhaps the studio didn't count on shocking Natalie Portman, who is said to be deeply upset by the decision.

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Crazay4068d ago

She's hot! If she wants to be pissed about missing the opportunity top work with someone she obviously holds in high regard, I say let her.

alycakes4067d ago

Future Ex-Wife? In your dreams is what I'm thinking and even then that's a longshot. HaHa! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year and Happy Dreams tonight.

pomoluese4068d ago

Can there please be a world where women have jobs not because they're women but because they're good at what they do?

hazelamy4067d ago

so long as that's a world where women aren't denied jobs they're good at because they're women then i agree.

and who says she's upset because Thor 2 won't be directed by a woman?
sounds like she's upset that it won't be directed by that woman in particular, a director she recommended, from the sound of it, based on her previous work.

being proud to have helped a woman into a position no woman has been in before doesn't mean that's the only reason she did it.

sure, Jenkins hadn't directed a superhero tentpole movie before, but neither had Branagh.
Monster was a pretty well regarded movie, it won Charlize Theron her oscar.

Crazay4067d ago

That's pretty much what I said. She clearly holds Jenkins in very high regard and wants to work with her and what better movie to have fun while working with someone then a comic movie?

pomoluese4067d ago

Well the way I read it Portman really wanted to be part of there being the first woman director of a comic movie. And it's not just that I remember reading a headline that said something about Thor 2 and its woman director, if it had been a man they would have said his name not his sex.

DarkBlood4068d ago

because she was in a contract shes upset with the director changing and doesnt want to work with a new one ?

could someone explain this to me im confused lol

StarWarsFan4068d ago

I'm not really sure what persuaded Marvel Studios to go with Patty Jenkins in the first place for this kind of project.

hazelamy4067d ago

maybe the same kind of thinking that led them to choose Branagh for the first one.

aDDicteD4067d ago

cant blame Natalie on being furious with that decision

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