Did Tyrese Gibson Tweet That Jason Statham is Joining Transformers 4?

CBM - Tyrese Gibson and fellow Transformers 3 cast member, Ken Jeong, both tweeted with exclamations that an actor with the initials "J.S." is headed to the franchise.

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DarkBlood2620d ago

given the type of acting genre hes known for i would say he would fit with the direction of the 4th movie is apparently taken unless wrong otherwise

but i hope thats just not the only reason to pick him for i like to try give more respect to actors i like for roles other then just action movies

StarWarsFan2620d ago

Well, his name has been rumored for a while, so I would not be surprised. I welcome him.

aDDicteD2620d ago

cant picture him on a transformers movie,, but still he is a great actor maybe he'll fit somehow

alycakes2620d ago

I'm not crazy about this idea. I love Jason Statham but I like what he does individually and I feel that a movie like this will take some of that away from him. If he wants to do it I know he'll do a great job because he is so talented and I will go see it....I just love this man anyway.