Crave Online Reviews 'The Grey'

CO - The Grey is a solid survivalist adventure, and it’s good Liam Neeson badass. Not bad Liam Neeson badass like Unknown which was so stupid I can’t believe everyone gave it a pass.

He’s got a very specific set of skills again as a working class oil rig worker in Alaska. When his plane crashes on the way home, he’s smart enough to lie down on the seat and use all three seat belts, and he only gets more Boy Scout-y from there. He guides the remaining survivors to pillage the wreckage for supplies and make their way south, while pursued by a pack of wolves. It’s a horizontal Cliffhanger, without any terrorists, only the elements, but you get me.

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StarWarsFan3210d ago

That's a high review. This could be an awesome movie. I think one of the most undervalued survivalist adventures is The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.

aDDicteD3210d ago

nice review,, might give this one a try,