Billy's Top 10 Christmas Films

A glance at Boolean Flix's Billy's top 10 favourite Christmas films ranging from the likes of 'A Christmas Carol' to 'Bad Santa', there's something for everyone.

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aDDicteD2622d ago

nice list ,, the only thing that i haven't watched on that list yet is bad santa and fred clause

Inthrax2622d ago

I really recommend Bad Santa. Although not your traditional family friendly Christmas film, it's a great watch and extremely funny!

aDDicteD2622d ago

well im planning to watch it soon ^_^ tnx

pomoluese2622d ago

Woah woah woah, A Christmas Story isn't on here. List invalidated.

Shackdaddy8362622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Ya. I was just about the say that. You can't have a best Christmas Movie list without A Christmas Story. It's unheard of...

Oh and Scrouged.
and It's a Wonderful Life
and Muppets Christmas Carol
and Planes Trains and Automobiles(you can argue that this is more about thanksgiving)
and Home Alone

Replace 4,6,8, and 9 with any of these and you have yourself a winner.

I'm happy that they had Christmas Vacation on there though. I love that movie.

aDDicteD2622d ago

i agree on that one.. it should be included in the list

StarWarsFan2622d ago

Fred Claus? No way! What about A Christmas Story?

alycakes2622d ago

The really old Christmas Carol movie in black and white that was made in the 30's was my favorite. A Christmas Story follows that one. The old ones are still the best.

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