Oscars Round 2: Timing, Critics Awards, and Backlash

"If you’re like me, you’re probably clicking on this article, seeing that it’s an especially exciting round of “Oscar Mania 2012,” heating up some microwave popcorn and putting on your ‘Harry Potter FOR THE WIN’ t-shirt, eyes now glued to the screen and ready to roll. If you’re like most movie-goers, you’ll examine the article thoughtfully, politely skimming down a few paragraphs before looking at the actual lists. If you’re the type of sad individual (Hi, by the way!) who gathers your buddies around the computer to read the latest article by that guy that thinks about movies way too much, and laugh about the way I speak of the Oscars as if it’s the Superbowl, MMA Showdown, and LOST series finale combined into one, then I’m sure this article will appease all of you. If you’ve been following Booleanflix’s latest series of Oscar Articles, then you’ll know we’re just getting started here." - Boolean Flix

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StarWarsFan3697d ago

I'm wondering if The Artist will make it into the Oscar nominations list with as many nods as they have with the Golden Globes.

aDDicteD3697d ago

nice,, cant wait to hear more about this