The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Impressions (TMP)

From TMP:

Last night, the first early screenings of The Dark Knight Rises prologue began airing in certain IMAX theaters as part of that Operation Early Bird viral marketing campaign. I was lucky enough to get in and see it...a couple times and have a few thoughts on the few minutes of footage we got.

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aDDicteD2620d ago

nice shot on the bane giving a back breaker on a crew member ^_^ lol

well they were right that the prologue give us something to expect on bane and i liked that bane is the more of a mastermind/strategist that he appeared just like in comics. but i still wanted to see a bit more of his brute and strength in the film

StarWarsFan2618d ago

Bane seems like he should look bigger than he does.