'Just Cause: Scorpion Rising' Video Game Adaptation Taps Writer

THR - Just Cause hails from Square Enix, the home of the Tomb Raider and Hitman video games, and centers on a black ops agent codenamed the Scorpion who enters a guerilla war to overthrow a dictator. Just Cause 2 was released earlier this year and sold more than 3.5 million copies; a third game is now in development.

The movie will focus on the origin of the Scorpion, aka Rico Rodriguez

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EverestGirl2628d ago

The picture is sweet. I hope a movie will be too.

Blink_442628d ago

Never played the games, but I know what they're about. This movie Could be cool

alycakes2627d ago

I don't know anything about it but if it's got action and a good story to it then I'll give it a try.

GillHarrison2627d ago

This is a game where the story is almost non-existent and is far more game-play focused. I don't know what board room idiot decided this could make a movie.