The Smartest Guys In The Room: 6 Of Our Favorite Cinematic Smart-Asses

CB says

This weekend marks the return of Sherlock Holmes, who is a wise ass as portrayed in the recent movie series by Robert Downey Jr., but has been one of history's smartest characters since Arthur Conan Doyle created him in 1887. Sherlock Holmes isn't the kind of guy who's content to sit back knowing he has all the answers-- when he walks into a room, he takes control and shows off a little bit, fully aware he's the smartest guy there and making sure everybody else knows it too.

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Crazay2628d ago

My favorite was Randy from Scream. I was so pissed when he was killed.

Crazay2628d ago

Sure hope I didn't spoil anything for anyone with this revelation. =P

aDDicteD2628d ago

nice list,, it's funny that Ace Ventura is on the list ^_^

Crazay2628d ago

Personally I hated Ace Ventura. I've never been much of a Jim Carey fan. I really only liked him in Man on the Moon. I thought he was awesome in that roll.

aDDicteD2628d ago

haven't watch the man in the moon yet,, if he has a nice performance on that one maybe i'll need to watch it

EverestGirl2628d ago

The Shawshank Redemption is the best!

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