Prologue For The Dark Knight Rises Leaks

CBM says

You know the deal. It's low quality, but it's here..for now. Click if you don't mind spoiling the 6 minute opening scene of Christopher Nolan's final Bat flick..


Update # 2

That more recent video was's another


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Crazay2628d ago

That trailer at the end looks badass.... I won't say what I saw just in case there are some of you who don't wanna see it.

Crazay2627d ago

Roughly the 1st 15 seconds are black screen. Don't assume the video isn't there when you don't see something immediately.

Blink_442627d ago

The video is gone- blocked by Warner bros. Damn

Crazay2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I still see it - Jeasus. They found that one fast.

2627d ago
sjaakiejj2627d ago

I'm curious as to how the people that recorded it managed to actually get in with a camera and not be detected. Here in Manchester I went to the showing, and they first completely checked you with sensors, and during the showing they were constantly looking at the audience with infra-red vision. There was tons of security.

Crazay2627d ago

lol - where there's a will there's a way my friend. Personally, they'd have to pry my phone out of my cold dead hands. It's brand new and too bloody expensive to leave with those nuts.

sjaakiejj2627d ago

They literally said, "if you still have your phone on you when you're being checked, you will not be allowed entrance", so in other words they'd just send you off :P

I was really quite surprised at the level of security, considering they probably knew it was going to leak somewhere anyway.

aDDicteD2627d ago

haha.. that's a very nice quote,, yeah that goes without saying

jbl3162627d ago

lol here in New Zealand they don't check us for nothing! Maybe whoever filmed this lived in an area with no security?

aDDicteD2627d ago

maybe your right,, but thanks to them we get to see something,, but still going to the imax and see this myself

2627d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.