Producer Don Carmody on Silent Hill: Revelation

STYD says received an update from producer Don Carmody (Silent Hill, "Resident Evil" films) about Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Carmody told us the picture is locked. They are now working on the sound and score and talking with Lionsgate about a release date. The producer added that he is hoping for either a late spring or early fall release.

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Blink_443213d ago

Hope this one is better than the first one

Crazay3213d ago

What didn;t you like about the first one? It felt like Silent Hill to me.

aDDicteD3213d ago

i liked the first silent hill and it is one of the good
video game-movie adaptation.. hope this one delivers well too

Crazay3213d ago

I'm with ya on that one. I thought the captured the essence of the Silent Hill games (which I used to really like). More of this can only be a god thing for me.

aDDicteD3213d ago

i agree, i'm kinda scared that they might ruin the first one's reputation and follow the ugly foosteps of resident evil movies

Crazay3213d ago

I don't have MUCH issue with the Resident Evil movies. I have a few gripes but nothing to make me say I hate them or to pan them critically. I watch them for what they are. A distraction for 2hrs.

JL3212d ago

Agreed. Silent Hill is one of my favorite video game movie adaptations. Thought it was done well and I'm very interested in this sequel.

StarWarsFan3213d ago

Cool, but I don't have too much hope in this one.