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Player Affinity writes: "This season of Dexter has been a pretty strange one. While the show has never had an incredibly deep story that needs to be dished out rapidly to reach a convincing conclusion, perhaps more so than ever, it has been a pretty slow year. Add to that the fact that we’ve stepped somewhat outside of the usual parameters of our story (we spent nine episodes with an imaginary friend) amongst other things and the abnormality is compounded. Whilst I maintain that the show is still fundamentally strong, I concede the widely held belief that season six isn’t really matching up to the usual quality we’ve come to expect. Personal opinion will dictate the cause of the show’s downfall in your eyes, but for me, it comes down to that pacing problem once again. "

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pomoluese3203d ago

This was terrible. Every Deb/Dexter scene I just kept saying Ewwwww outloud. In my apartment. Alone.