First Official Image From 'The Great Gatsby' Feature Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan and More

The Film Stage:
The film won’t be hitting theaters for over a year, but Warner Bros has released the first two official images from Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. These two photos feature Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, which we’ve seen before on set. The above photo also provides our first look at Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan. The fantastic actor of Animal Kingdom, Warrior and The Square has yet to break out, but with this film I hope he gets his due. Their look is quite spot-on of what I pictured and I’m sure more grandiose touches from Luhrmann will be revealed as we get closer to release. This F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation remains to be one of the many highly-anticipated films hitting next December. Check out the second photo below

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Blink_442840d ago

This was one of the few books i actually read in high school

darklordzor2840d ago

I'm sorry, I didn't realize people were actually looking forward to this one. I've been avoiding it like the plague. I read the book, but have no love for it, and despite the talented cast and crew behind this film...I'm not looking forward to it.

aDDicteD2840d ago

i think the talented cast and crew will make up for it and will make this movie interesting and something to look forward to

alycakes2840d ago

I don't think most people are. The fact that Leo is in it is a sad thing. That movie never really needed to be made again and really, really, didn't need to be in 3D! There are not action scenes unless they rewrote the book for this movie.

There are still some cases where no matter how talented your cast is...if the story sucks...they aren't going to be able to do much with it.

aDDicteD2839d ago

didnt know that this one is going to be a 3D.. well it'll be a waste if it is on 3D that's for sure....

darklordzor2839d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot it was in 3D...I remember hearing that announcement and thinking "Why on Earth would they do that!"

alycakes2839d ago

Yes, it was already decided that they were going to make it in 3D a while back...I hope they change their minds.

StarWarsFan2839d ago

I can't wait to see a trailer.

Nes_Daze2839d ago

Read the book, it was a bit boring and the ending made me wish somebody would've just told me about it before I read it. Therefore, I have no idea how I would even fathom enjoying a movie about that book.

aDDicteD2838d ago

i never knew that it was so boring ^_^ lol
maybe this movie will be a let down

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