MovieLine - 'Battleship' Preview: Expect ‘Big, Fun Escapism’ for Your Inner 12-Year-Old

MovieLine - On a June visit to the Film 44 offices in Santa Monica, Battleship director Peter Berg laid out his vision for the May 18, 2012 epic actioner. “Battleship is intended to be a piece of big, fun escapism,” he explained, playing snippets of footage in the cozy darkness of his editing suite. “It’s not to say we don’t take ourselves seriously; we do aspire for a certain level of emotion and reality, but this is not a film that’s meant to traumatize.”

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aDDicteD3209d ago

really looking forward on this one,

Blink_443209d ago

I lol'd when i first saw the trailer and it was called battleship.

StarWarsFan3209d ago

The movie looks better and better the more I see about it.

EverestGirl3209d ago

The trailer has grown on me.