25 Things You Didn't Know About 'Three Amigos'

MovieFone - In these days when silent-film homages are all the rage (see 'Hugo' and 'The Artist'), it's worth taking a look back at 'Three Amigos,' released exactly 25 years ago, on December 12, 1986. The thoroughly silly comedy centers on a trio of extravagantly-costumed silent-movie Western stars (Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short) who find themselves having to be heroes for real when they visit a Mexican town beset by bandits. A modest hit at the time, the movie has since become a cult favorite and surprisingly influential, with its plot echoing through such later movies as 'A Bug's Life,' 'Galaxy Quest,' and 'Rango.' Its spoofing of silent-film conventions must have seemed esoteric a quarter-century ago, but its total absurdity makes 'Three Amigos' timeless. Read on for the untold story of 'Three Amigos' - how it almost became a Steven Spielberg movie, the lost subplots involving Fran Drescher and Sam Kinison, the feud between Chase and director John Landis, and the movie's unheralded role in the genesis of the beloved novel and film versions of 'Like Water for Chocolate.'

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