Joe Rogan: 'Fear Factor' Is 'Way Grosser' Than Before

Ew says

Fear Factor returns to NBC tonight after one of the longest hiatuses in TV history. Below, host Joe Rogan takes our questions:

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Crazay2626d ago

Fear Factor was more entertaining when it was about fear and not about the various ways of eating testicles and butt holes. It became less of a show about facing fears and more about who has the strongest stomach.

aDDicteD2625d ago

eating stuff that is unknown and gross is also considered as a fear.. you see contestants not eating those so it is considered ^_^

Blink_442626d ago

I never watched this when it was popular

Crazay2626d ago

Like I said above, it was pretty cool until it became more about the gross factor with the food competitions. There were times when I actually gagged and had to turn it off - that was when I stopped tuning in.

alycakes2625d ago

There's no way I could watch it....I have a very weak stomach for stuff like that...I'd probably be getting sick all over my living room.

aDDicteD2625d ago

liked the idea of mentioning it as more grosser than before.. i wonder what will those be..^_^

StarWarsFan2625d ago

I wonder why they decided to give this show another go.

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