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The Descendants Review | TheGameEffect

The Descendants strikes a well-executed balance between what we expect from The Movies (decisive acts of love or vengeance, eloquence in the face of overwhelming odds, transformation of character) and from Real Life (paralyzing indecision, suppressed emotional turmoil, the mundane sameness of day-to-day responsibilities.) Payne’s film, thanks in large part to Clooney’s performance, finds a realistic middle ground that feels, for lack of a better term, hopeful.

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aDDicteD3208d ago

nice review,, might watch this one for sure

Blink_443208d ago

No interest in this what so ever. Not really a fan of mr clooney

EverestGirl3208d ago

The ads are poor, but the director's movies are great usually, just not as easily marketable as other films.