‘Dark Knight Rises’: Christopher Nolan Opens Up About Bane Choice

Hero Complex says

There’s nothing sentimental or soft about Gotham City, and that seems to suit Christopher Nolan just fine. The 41-year-old filmmaker fills the screen with grim architecture, hard-luck faces and gun-metal hues; tricks of the mind are his narrative specialty, not affairs of the heart. Still, last Thursday, eating his dinner standing up in a movie theater lobby, Nolan confessed that even he got a bit misty during the final shooting days of “The Dark Knight Rises,” which is (by all appearances) his final visit to the world of Batman.

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aDDicteD3211d ago

bane is the perfect batman villain to challenge batman and push him to his limits,,, cant wait to see how batman rises to the challenge ^_^

EverestGirl3210d ago

The execution of Catwoman on screen looks weak with the costume and all.

aDDicteD3210d ago

i agree on that one,, i don't like the costume and it doesn't hides her identity