IGN - The Rocketeer Blu-ray Review

IGN - Joe Johnston's The Rocketeer, a cult gem if there ever was one. The film was mismarketed by Disney when it came to theaters, forgotten on video and largely discarded by some moviegoers today, save for the dedicated fans who define their childhoods by this high-flying comic icon. The Rocketeer is a film in need of fans, though, lots of them. It deserves it. And sometimes the best way to find an audience is to borrow from another one. Which is confusing why Disney didn't capitalize on Joe Johnston's latest gig as the director of Captain America. Seems like a good idea to pop that credit on the cover art. Alas it's only mentioned, quickly, on the back of the box.

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aDDicteD3204d ago

hmm.. never had the chance to watch this one yet.. maybe i''l pick it up some time.. it sure has a decent review