Mission: Impossible 4 IMAX Poster

IGN - To coincide with this Friday's release of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in a special IMAX engagement, we're happy to debut for you a sweet, new poster for the fourth M:I film!

The poster -- created by artist Matt Owen -- comes in both red and black. We're offering you the black background poster for hi-res download below. And anyone attending the opening night midnight IMAX screening can also get their hands on an actual physical copy of the poster.

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StarWarsFan2623d ago

It took me a bit to understand the poster.

Blink_442622d ago

That's kind of a lame poster

aDDicteD2622d ago

i agree.. they could have done a better one,,

EverestGirl2621d ago

Dumb poster. Unworthy of the franchise.