IGN - Dexter: "Talk to the Hand" Review

IGN - Okay, what's grosser than gross?

I'm pretty sure that this was not the therapeutic epiphany we wanted Deb to have. And while "Talk To The Hand" was a better Dexter episode than the past couple that we've gotten, it was still littered with a few dumb moments and an icky sub-plot involving Deb having dreams of making out with Dex. So, what do we all think about this? Some of you know that I get to see these episodes a day or two ahead of time and the ones that I watch don't come with that "Next time on Dexter..." segments that run during the closing credits. Also, as a rule, if I do watch the Showtime airing of the episode, I try not to watch that part anyhow.

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EverestGirl2626d ago

This season has been a little weak.

aDDicteD2626d ago

i had misses some episodes,,, review was nice hope i could catch up with the latest