Full Audio From The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Leaks

CBM says

This is obviously very SPOILERIFIC but if you can't wait until you see the prologue in theaters, you can hear all of the dialog and music and find out exactly how Bane sounds for yourself..


You can find an alternate link to the audio here:

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Crazay3213d ago

Spoileriffic? I guess if you really don't want to know what to expect from the video but I think this is only going to make fans more ravenous to go see the Mission Impossible. It can only help.

alycakes3212d ago

Well, video not available anymore so too bad for me but that's okay...I like surprises.

edwest3212d ago

"TheWAAH Rises" lol

Otherwise he doesn't sound *that* bad.

Crazay3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


here's a link to the Audio at a different source. No Embed code though.


koouunn3212d ago

as much as id like to take a listen, im going to wait for the video to leak and get a better sense of it. i dont want to ruin it for myself

Crazay3212d ago

it's not a terribly bad idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.