Three Spectacular International Banners for The Amazing Spider-Man

CBM says

The promotional push for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man seems to be kicking into gear. Yesterday Sony released a new poster, and today we have new banners for you to chew on.

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StarWarsFan2627d ago

The banners are nice, but I hope they come out with a better trailer fast.

Crazay2627d ago

I think we'll see a new trailer attached to the Superbowl.

aDDicteD2623d ago

agreed,, a trailer that is more focused on the villain ^_^

krazykombatant2627d ago

still not sold on this movie

alycakes2626d ago

I hope the movie posters are more creative. I'd like to see more than just spiderman in it.

aDDicteD2626d ago

i agree,, hope they show more on the villain on that film

Blink_442626d ago

I can't wait for this movie

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