Rumor: New Details for The Dark Knight Rises and The Batman Reboot Leaked

Comic Book Movie - Yeah you read it right: Batman reboot. Following on from the amazing theatrical poster for The Dark Knight Rises released earlier today, brand new info about the upcoming movie and the rumoured reboot has surfaced. Hit the jump for the details...

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Blink_442628d ago

A reboot is not vey surprising if it comes out in four or five years

ThirstyforFanta2628d ago

Why reboot the most successful Batman franchise ever?

DarkBlood2627d ago

well for one this trilogy is its own universe

they need to reboot it if they want it to go with the Justice league movie as Green lantern is going to tie into one of the man of steel films

so the reboot of batman i imagine is going to be something like arkham asylum and arkham city in terms of fantasy but a dark one at that

ThirstyforFanta2627d ago

@DarkBlood, that means that Christian Bale can't be Batman right?
The whole point of reboots is to change everything including the cast?

BryanBegins2627d ago

It has been confirmed many times that Nolan and Bale won't be back after this one. So yes it will be a complete reboot it seems. That's ok as long as they don't go back to Joel Schumacher lol

ThirstyforFanta2627d ago

@BryanBegins LOL I hope so too.. I hated all the earlier Batman movies

aDDicteD2627d ago

@ darkblood,, yes this dark knight trilogy is more of a realistic touch,, the reboot that is being talked about is for the justice league,, to make it more comical and more of graphics..^_^ hope that one delivers well too

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aDDicteD2627d ago

it will be because its a batman movie LOL ^_^
but seriously it would be if its that good

StarWarsFan2627d ago

Reboot? They should take it easy for a bit.

Captain Qwark 92627d ago

no way dude, i love my batman movies every 3ish years or so. dont care whos doing them as long as there good....

good..... batman, batman returns, batman begins, the dark knight

bad all the others.....

aDDicteD2627d ago

they wont take it easy because they'll try to push the justice league movie really soon,,,

Blink_442627d ago

Especially to try and compete with the avengers

mpejko2627d ago

Really sick with all of these supposed Dark Knight Rises spoilers. Just respect Nolan's decision to keep plot details a mystery and STFU!

Vortex3D2627d ago

It's hard to keep the movie series going. How many did well through the entire trilogy. Something always happen by 2nd or 3rd movie, director change or key writer or actor left and the trilogy falls apart.

Hollywood strategy is by the end of trilogy, doesn't matter if the series did well, reboot because they don't have to deal with any ties to the previous trilogy. Just to show Hollywood cannot maintain anything well made.

One series I'm curious is Transformer since Michael Bay is going to be the director again. Transformer trilogy has no story and "Act 3" through the opening to end with non-stop massive explosions. Since the trilogy continues to make tons of money and going to keep the same director, the 4th Transformer is a reboot anyway since Hollywood can just forget everything they did in trilogy and start something new (which will be the same anyway since it's going to non-stop explosion from Act 1 to 3).

Nac2625d ago

Well, it is time for a reboot. Nolan's films have been really good movies featuring Batman but not that great Batman films. Honestly, the only really good Batman film we have had was Mask of the Phantasm.

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