Brand New Theatrical Poster for Dark Knight Rises Shatters the Batman

From TMP:

After a day of disappointment at not seeing the new trailer for the film (like many of us expected), WB has nonetheless given us something new for us fanboys to get excited about...a brand new theatrical poster for The Dark Knight Rises, which promises something epic.

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edwest3215d ago

"Well, at least we'll have spares"

"Quite right sir"

darklordzor3214d ago

Freaking awesome. I'm really excited by this poster and all that it implies. Honestly, it seems more telling than I expected from a Nolan film. Still, it's bad ass and I want it hanging on my wall!

StarWarsFan3213d ago

The mask on the ground makes this poster perfect. Bane isn't the most interesting character to put on a poster, at least compared to the Joker.

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