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Movies to watch this weekend

New movies are released in theatres every week and how do you decide which movies to watch? Some people could pick a movie based on the title (wow!!! Insidious, Twilight Saga , Freight Night), some people by watching the trailers (Insidious…looks scary have to watch this movie) and some listen to their friends which movies to watch this weekend (friends are not always correct). So, which movies to watch?

Well,we are here for you and we’re gonna tell you which movies you have to watch this weekend,as there are many popular movies but few of them are just awesome.We’ll gonna make this weekend special for you so we’re gonna tell you the names of the popular movies which are recommended by the Gamingsquid community.

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EverestGirl3205d ago

Is this a current article?

cyclops0073205d ago

yep it is current one and it is our choice which movies we want for our members.