'Gangster Squad': Director Ruben Fleischer on working with Sean Penn and Josh Brolin

Ruben Fleischer made his Hollywood bones with Zombieland, the clever and funny zombie apocalypse movie that famously offed Bill Murray. But for his next movie, the 37-year-old director is taking deadly aim at a more serious genre. “I love gangster movies like Goodfellas and Miller’s Crossing,” says Fleischer, “and L.A. noir films like Chinatown are also awesome.” Next fall’s Gangster Squad, an action-drama about the 1940s cops who battled Mickey Cohen’s mob for control of the City of Angels, is the perfect mesh of the two. Speaking from L.A., where he’s readying a violent shootout on Hollywood Boulevard on day 67 of filming, Fleischer discussed the humbling effects of filming at the city’s most famous landmarks, the amazing Sean Penn, and why audiences are ready to embrace Josh Brolin as a hero.

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I heard about this movie a long time ago and then nothing. All of a sudden here it is again.

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This is going to be AWESOME.