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'Thor 2' Closing in on New Director and Writer (Exclusive)

THR Heat Vision:
Marvel Studios is wasting no time in getting Thor 2 back on track after shocking Hollywood by parting ways with director Patty Jenkins on Tuesday.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the company is looking at two director prospects: Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan.

Taylor's most well-known feature may be 1996’s Palookaville, but he has become a huge cable TV helmer, directing episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos and AMC’s Mad Men, among others. He also directed the pilot for NBC’s Playboy Club.

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alycakes3211d ago

They need to find someone and stick to it. People just seem to come and go in this business.

DarkBlood3210d ago

stick to it like a contract you mean?

you knowi wonder if its possible to contract the writer and director and keep them trap there :P

alycakes3209d ago

Yeah! Make a committment, shake on it and not go back on you're suppose to do.

EverestGirl3209d ago

I can't wait for the official announcement.

aDDicteD3207d ago

I hope they make a good decision about this and wont ruin Thor 2