First Official Teaser Poster For The Amazing Spider-Man Hits

From TMP:

Sony has released the first official teaser poster for The Amazing Spider-Man, but the lack of Peter Parker in costume and a confusing tagline has left many fans underwhelmed. Check it out here.

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darklordzor3214d ago

Yeah, I don't think it's that bad. Very noir-ish, but still pretty interesting. The weird thing is the tag line. 'The Untold Story' makes it sound like this is still something that's part of the Sam Raimi spider-man films and not entirely different. Just like it's a sub-chapter or something. But that doesn't work at all with what we know and is a terrible way to market this.

Soldierone3214d ago

I like it, being the spider man fanboy I am I will end up buying it at one point too.

MinimeJer053214d ago

I like it, but judging by the trailers this adaptation will be pretty close to Raimi's with a few minor details shifted around. So how is this going to be the "Untold Story"?

DarkBlood3214d ago

the lizard being the villian? or something about peter parkers best freind not being part of the story like the first film then hates spiderman?

thats just my guess

aDDicteD3211d ago

i hope its not close to Raimi's cause if it does it we wont feel like it's been rebooted. i think this one has a more darker atmosphere judging by its trailer

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