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12 Things Troy Wouldn't Do On Community If Actually A Jehovah's Witness

CB: NBC's Community is one of the most unique shows in the history of television, willing to take risks other shows might not, and create characters which you aren't likely to see anywhere else. For instance Troy Barnes, played by Donald Glover, is the first openly Jehovah's Witness character on television. In the past that's been a problem when it came time to celebrate his birthday, since JW's aren't allowed to celebrate them. This week on the show it'll become an issue again, when the gang tries to celebrate Christmas and Troy can't, because Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden from celebrating the holiday.

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EverestGirl3206d ago

"Is the first openly Jehovah's Witness character on television"? So what?

DarkBlood3206d ago

wow this is one of the reasons i dislike relgion alot they are so strict theres no freedom in it

and this part about the spirit not living on after death if thats the case why even worry about sinning and so forth since you'll cease to regardless?

i beleive in god in my own way or a powerfull being as i like to call it but im not a part of anything on earth