9 Of The Worst TV Series Finales Of All-Time

Guyism: People invest a lot of time in their favorite television shows. They get wrapped up in the characters and the plot and soon they start gibbering about what happened like it actually went down in real life. This is because we are a culture of lunatics. And that’s why when a television show has a less than satisfactory ending, people go batshit crazy. They start ranting and raving about how they’ve been robbed of closure, like they were dumped in the middle of the night and abandoned by their spouse or something. I wish I could say I was above such things, but… well, here we are. I understand you crazy sons of bitches. I do. And that’s why I decided to create this list, in celebration both of our collective lunacy and the terrible, terrible finales of these nine shows. Some were bad because they were so horrifically clichéd that they became an absurd joke. Others were bad simply because they didn’t make any damn sense. While others sucked because they didn’t answer questions that had been promised for what felt like eons. Whatever their differences, the one thing these nine shows have in common is that their finales were the worst in television history.

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pomoluese3211d ago

I'm glad the BSG finale isn't on here. I really didn't think it was that bad aside from the very very last part.

gaffyh3210d ago

I'm so glad Lost is on there. I loved Lost, and watched every episode, but it's finale absolutely sucked. But try telling that to Lost fanboys, they start sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming "lalalalala".

RufustheKing3210d ago

i really loved lost but ya, that final was just so bad.

This made me laugh and how it should have ended.

pomoluese3209d ago

Yeah I quit watching around the 3rd or 4th season and then I was at my cousins the night of the finale so we watched the recap and the finale. They were so pissed at the ending and I just sat there laughing because of all the hours I saved not watching them.

Blink_443211d ago

Never watched any these shows

StarWarsFan3210d ago

What's with the hate towards Dinosaurs? That was an awesome show.

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