IGN - The Office: "Christmas Wishes" Review

IGN - This year's Christmas episode of The Office had some big obstacles to overcome. No Michael. No Pam. And a history of great holiday-themed episodes to live up to. So how did it compare? Maybe I'm in a holiday mood. Maybe I get a little sentimental about Christmas episodes of The Office. Whatever the reason, I was able to let go of the things that have been bothering me this season and just enjoy the mayhem. From Stanley's Lewis Black-inspired rant in the cold open listing all the previous Christmas themes (including Pulp Fiction Christmas, Moroccan Christmas and "Mo Rocca" Christmas) to Jim's little memory lapse in the tag, "Christmas Wishes" was a holiday buffet of great lines and gags, some of which went by so fast I had to watch the episode again to get them all. And to me, a high rewatch factor is always a sign of a good episode.

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