The Daily Rotation - The Sitter Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "As far as I’m concerned David Gordon Green has made two really good comedies this year. Both come with their fair share of flaws and missteps, but both are equally hilarious in their own way. Your Highness did a great job of mixing an 80′s fantasy film with a modern day stoner film thanks to Danny McBride‘s mean and vulgar writing. The Sitter is more of a one man show, focusing all of its intentions on Jonah Hill, who really makes the film, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Hill’s excellent line delivery mixed with Green’s eye for grabbing the best jokes makes The Sitter another crazy R-rated comedy that will most likely get skipped over."

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EverestGirl3212d ago

It's strange seeing Jonah Hill in this movie after seeing him and his weight loss recently.

alycakes3211d ago

I know...he's really looking good now.