Kirsten Dunst Wanted Cameo In New Spider Man Flick

KIRSTEN Dunst has been denied a comic book return in the new Spider-Man movie along with Tobey Maguire.

The Hollywood beauty says she and Tobey had hoped to make a cameo in Andrew Garfield‘s big screen debut as the famous webslinger but were knocked back by movie bosses.

“I wanted to do a cameo,” explains Kirsten.

“I had the idea of Tobey and I as extras and we’d just walk by in the background but it’s not in there. I love Andrew Garfield and I think Emma Stone (who plays love interest Gwen Stacey) is cute too. I think that they’re going to be really cute in the movie for sure. They look like they have good chemistry.”

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pomoluese3217d ago

Hmm I wonder why they wouldn't do it. I mean what the harm in Easter Eggs? Unless they wanted money.

crxss3216d ago

love spider-man and love kirsten dunst, it's a shame she's not in it. could care less if tobey would have made a cameo, he ruined spiderman for me

xVeZx3216d ago

GTFO tobey is spiderman

crxss3216d ago

Peter parker is spiderman...

aDDicteD3210d ago

he didnt ruin spiderman.. venom did ^_^

StarWarsFan3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I guess this new go at the franchise wants to distance itself as much as possible from the first three movies. Plus, it allows people to forget how perfectly fine Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were.

alycakes3217d ago

I think it would have been great and no one would have thought anything about it once it was over...the movie would have just gone on. If the movie is as good as it's suppose to be then it should hold everyone's attention.

pomoluese3216d ago

Yeah I don't think people watching are going to be like OMG it's the actors from the other franchise. I mean Stan Lee's cameos never distracted me from the films. It's enjoyable.

krazykombatant3216d ago

I really enjoyed the spider man movies up the 3rd one... They botched it. Still wish they would go back with these guys. Not really sold on Amazing spiderman yet.

aDDicteD3210d ago

it's a good thing that there wont bee any cameo appearances from both of them.