Tom Hardy 'Unintelligible' In The Dark Knight Rises Prologue

Gigwise - The Dark Knight Rises prologue was screened for the first time in the US last night (Dec 8), but Tom Hardy has been criticised for being "unintelligible" in the role of Bane.

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gaden_malak2624d ago

Sounds like its an american thing

SirBillyBones2623d ago

They really show their ignorance when they talk about not being able to understand 'British' accents. And just wtf is a British accent supposed to sound like?? Some kind of weird mix of all the various regional accents in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined? ¬_¬

Jocosta2623d ago

I have to say that the only "British" accent I find hard to follow is cockney, otherwise known as uneducated.

SirBillyBones2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

@Jocosta: Cockney is hardly synonymous with being uneducated. It is merely a broader London accent that stems from the old working classes. So by saying that you're implying working class people are unintelligent, which would make you a misguided ass hole. I would also take offence as my family are working class, yet I've had a very good education.

And I have to laugh at whoever disliked my first comment, clearly someone who has no concept of the difference between England and Britain. ie, ignorance.

Blink_442624d ago

He was hard to understand sometimes in inception

StarWarsFan2624d ago

How was this not picked up on during editing?

edwest2624d ago


(a) They have not begun ADR (re-recording dialogue).

(b) Nolan wants an unorthodox accent (see Batman).

Or (c) they hoped you wouldn't notice.

pomoluese2624d ago

Maybe they've been listening to it so long it all makes sense. At least that's how I feel when I edit.

Re-recording should be easy enough though since he is wearing a mask hopefully you can't see his mouth moving.

Honestly the first time I saw the original teaser I couldn't understand what Gordon was saying

Blink_442623d ago

Yeah I had to look up online to see what gordan said

BryanBegins2623d ago

Gordon wasn't hard to understand, and English isn't even my mother tongue.

If Bane is "hard to understand" the same way Gordon was, then I'm not worried at all. Although, looking at the widespread concern, I'm guessing there is an actual problem.

EverestGirl2623d ago

I have got to see how bad it is.

badkolo2623d ago

its a little hard to understand some of what he says but it rattles some folks , i guess thats a good thing, almost like in some songs where certain lines are never fully understood and people keep trying to find out exactly what was said in the song, this is in the same vein, becuase it was cool thats for sure

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