Operation Early Bird...Is a Map

From TMP:

After a viral marketing clue led us to a countdown on another site, fans were eager to see what would be revealed. Many (including us) were speculating that it would possibly reveal the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, instead fans get a map with the ability to view a free early screening of the 6-minute IMAX prologue.

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darklordzor2626d ago

Here's what's really interesting about this map, it's got more locations on it than what was on that official IMAX list that came out last week.

I remember being bummed that the closest one to me was in Houston (about 4-5 hours away), but now according to this map, one of the locations for screenings is just down the road from me! So I'll actually be able to see it now.

EverestGirl2623d ago

It's the Christmas of Batman.