10 Things We Now Know About The Dark Knight Rises

Total film says

9. Size Matters
What we know: There's no getting around it, 70mm IMAX is the only way to see this film. IMAX has two formats – digital and film – and Nolan wants fans to track down their 70mm IMAX film theatres to get the best from The Dark Knight Rises. Having seen the early footage fill our field of vision, we agree.

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MinimeJer053214d ago

Agreed. Was hoping for stuff better than... "Catwoman looks cool". Really?...

EverestGirl3215d ago

#1 thing to know: we must all see it.

aDDicteD3211d ago

i agree on that one,, we need to see it for yourself and find out how epic this movie is going to be

aDDicteD3210d ago

we already know those things,, nothing new