The Dark Knight Rises Extra Dies on the New York City Set

Movie Web - An unidentified male extra died on the New York City set of The Dark Knight Rises last month after suffering a heart attack. The extra wandered off between rehearsal takes, and was later discovered unconscious. Warner Bros. confirmed the news with a brief statement, which you can read below.

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DarkBlood3238d ago

that makes 2 people dieing on the set of any movie that i heard about

DeadManMcCarthy3238d ago

the worst was when vic morrow and 2 kids were killed on set by a helicopter.

Oner3238d ago

To this day I can't understand how anyone thought that scene (in any way shape or form) would have, or could have, been safe.

rezzah3238d ago

Bruce Lee and his son (The Crow)

MinimeJer053238d ago

Wow. Didn't someone die on the set of The Dark Knight? At least this guy wasn't directly killed because of the film.

gaden_malak3237d ago

I believe a person died that was part of the production but not on set

pomoluese3238d ago

Why is the article trying to play up the fact that it's another death on set when he died of a heart attack while on break? And why is this news being released a month later.

Blink_443238d ago

That's what I was wondering

raWfodog3238d ago

Even though he was on a break, technically it was still 'on set'. It doesn't mean he has to die in front of the cameras. Everyone was at work and scenes were being taped.

pomoluese3237d ago

They still try to make it sound like it's somehow the films fault

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