ABC Orders Extra Episodes Of 'Castle'

ABC has given Castle an order for one additional episode, bringing its fourth season to 23 episodes. The quirky detective drama starring Nathan Fillion has been a slow builder but was able to branch out of an early cult status to become a solid performer in the Monday 10 PM slot. Besides the first season, which launched in midseason, all seasons of Castle have been supersized. Season 2 and 3 consisted of 24 episodes each. Word is one more is all ABC needed this season. The network’s flagship series, comedy Modern Family, already has an order for 24 episodes.

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pomoluese3211d ago

I wish Castle would focus more on the Kate/mother's killer story lines. I feel like those are always the strongest episodes and Stana Katic is a really good actress.

I understand that it's probably so that non-regular viewers don't get confused but I think the series could be so much better if they did.

alycakes3211d ago

I think they're going to come back to that before this season is always comes back to that because they know that Kate can't have a normal life or relationship until she solves her mother's murder.

I also think those are some of the most interesting and they didn't exactly finish up with it last season so it'll be back.

pomoluese3211d ago

Yeah I just hate how they'll bring it up at the beginning, then they won't mention it for several episodes and then near the finale it'll be like "Oh hey remember how Kate's obsessed with her mother's death" I mean even the sniper thing, it wasn't necessarily about it being tied to her finding her mothers killer it's just diving into her psyche that made it so great.

StarWarsFan3211d ago

I don't know why I've never made the time to watch this show.