IGN - American Horror Story: "Smoldering Children" Review

IGN - Woah, so there were more than a few of us that guessed correctly about what could have been possibly going on with Violet and her "staying in her room and missing weeks of school" deal, but I don't think that took all that much away from the revelation that, yes, she's been dead for the past four episodes. I think that, with a show filled with mysteries like American Horror Story, fans try to guess and predict every single outcome. And so there's a good chance that one of the theories will probably be on the money. Hell, until Ben actually appeared outside of the house last week in "Spooky Little Girl," many thought he was dead too. Because we never actually saw him living in his motel room, or wherever he was banished to, and only saw him in or around the house.

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Blink_443217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )


I guessed a few weeks ago that violet was dead but the reveal was still shocking

EverestGirl3215d ago

I still haven't seen this.