American Psycho Remake Ordered by Lionsgate

CBM says

The controversial and violent American Psycho, which originally starred Christian "Batman" Bale, looks to be getting the remake treatment from Lionsgate, who have already hired a writer for the script

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Blink_443208d ago

I already dont like this. Who can top christain bales performance in this movie?

NoUseMerc3208d ago

Christian Bale is what made the movie.

moosekebabs3208d ago

No no no no no no no! The first is amazing, there is absolutely zero need to remake this. Damn Hollywood.

MinimeJer053208d ago

Why would they do this? It's WAY too early. No need for a remake.

Crazay3208d ago

They really have to leave this alone - I agree.

DarkBlood3208d ago

havent even seen this yet but what if it was christian bale starring in the remake of his own movie :P ?

anyone no? lol

JL3208d ago

Agreed. They need a new rule in Hollywood: You can't remake a movie until 50 years after its initial release.

StarWarsFan3208d ago

I wonder if they'll limit the extent of the sex because it was pretty graphic the first time around.

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