New Poster For Mel Gibson's 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation'

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It seems that America and/or Hollywood isn't quite ready to forgive Mel Gibson just yet. His attempted comeback films -- the dreadful "Edge Of Darkness" and the middling "The Beaver" -- weren't the vehicles they were supposed to be, and his offscreen behaviour has continued to dog the actor. And while he was rumored for a couple of new projects this year -- the international heist thriller "Sleight" as well as a Jewish historical epic -- they both seem to be stalled and/or have courted controversy. So given the uneasy relationship the industry continues to have with the actor/writer/director it's no suprise he still has one movie sitting on the shelf, waiting to be released.

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StarWarsFan2626d ago

Yeah, Mel Gibson has really lost himself.

alycakes2625d ago

Me too...I'd be interested in seeing this.