The Daily Rotation - Chillerama Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The long awaited feature anthology Chillerama has gained a healthy amount of good press, mostly due to the beloved Adam Green and Joe Lynch, who have consistently made entertaining horror films the past few years. Adam Rifkin is best known for Detroit Rock City, which is where he said he came up with the idea for his segment of this film, the insane Wadzilla. Before that begins though, we are treated to the wrap-around segments that tell the story linking the shorts via an old drive-in theater on its last night of existence, which by the end, becomes Lynch’s segment Zom-B-Movie."

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Garethvk3218d ago

It started off ok but really fell apart in the second half. It became boring and really lost the creative energy it started out with.

MinimeJer053218d ago

That was my fear after checking out the trailer. Looked like a fun idea, but nothing more.

Garethvk3218d ago

It really gets cheap and trashy near the second half. I know they are trying to parody the Z grade drive in films of old. But it was so juvenile they were just lining up masses and going for as many crude situations as they could. I love crude humor but you have to have some setup to it.