Tom Cruise Talks 'Top Gun 2': 'We're Working On It'

MTV says

"We're working on it."

That's the official word on "Top Gun 2," straight from the star himself, Tom Cruise, who spoke with MTV News' Josh Horowitz during an event in Dubai for

In the fourth "M:I" movie, Cruise returns as castoff secret agent Ethan Hunt — the only character he has ever revisited during his decades-long career. The question remains: Will he ever don the Navy jumpsuit again and hop into a cockpit as Maverick?

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alycakes2839d ago

I guess I'm the only female in the world that didn't like Top Gun. I just don't know what people saw in Tom Cruise back then. I really didn't care for his acting when he was younger...he didn't really master his acting until he got a little older. I do like him now a lot. He's great at everything he tries but you'll never convince me that that movie was good.

EverestGirl2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I like Tom Cruise. He doesn't get enough credit.

StarWarsFan2838d ago

The first one is so iconic. The sequel would have to add something entirely outstanding.